Visit to the estate


The Chateau Queyret-Pouillac has played an integral role in the history and identity of the Entre-Deux-Mers region – a region that is inextricably linked to wine production. The region’s vineyards can be found across the municipality of Saint Antoine du Queyret, and on the Ruch plateau about fifteen kilometres from Saint Emilion. The Chateau is situated on the Pouillac hill that overlooks the small Escouach valley and the Queyret stream.

The history of the vines and wines of this area goes back to the Middle Ages with the monks that planted vines here that went on to become renowned vineyards. The Chateau Queyret-Pouillac, as it is known today, goes back to the 18th Century. The Chateau actually comprises a suite of buildings and outhouses and forms part of the hamlet as it existed in the 18th Century. A stone lintel at the residence is dated 1783. The Chateau has been producing wines that have been listed in the ‘le Ferret’ wine guides since 1874.

Modern times

This wine-producing estate has been fully restored in the purest Girondist style. Ultra-modern materials have been used, including heat-regulated wine store houses with a capacity of 8000 Hl, to ensure that the processing of the grape and its slow maturation into a high quality wine is given pride of place. The Queyret-Pouillac terroir produces white, rosé and red wines under the following Appellations: Bordeaux, Bordeaux Superior and Entre-Deux-Mers.